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Women Development Advocacy Centre (WDAC) is a social enterprise that enables sustainable livelihoods for disadvantaged women and youth in urban and rural areas. Our three-pronged engine integrates social and business impact by bridging the gaps in Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship. Career Prep Fellowship is an initiation of WDAC that aims to train female youth in both their professional as well as life based skill. The goal of the Fellowship is to prepare graduating university young females for the workplace, specifically by enabling them to develop competency in terms of their professional and business skills. We will focus first on developing the skills needed to get a job and secondly on the skills needed to excel once on the job. The fellowship will be conducted in a six month window which will further be divided into a two month long preparation period and a four month long mentorship period.

Our mission is to develop professional and life skills amongst the young women in Nepal, to empower underprivileged youth and increase employability skills. Our goal is to develop 250 young women in next 3 years who is hopeful for tomorrow, equipped with the skills and competencies that will enable them to secure dignity and respect and become the future leaders of their family and community. Over a period of 6 months we aim to develop the professional skills of our fellows that are required to compete in ever growing job market and help them to understand, reflect and build their own learning methods to hone their existing skills and abilities to better suit for the job market. The fellows will be trained through series of orientation, workshops, mentorship to become skilled, creative and productive focusing on career development.

The Fellowship-Mentorship will run in a 6 month cycle where 2 month time will be marked as a Fellowship period and the remaining four for Mentorship. The fellows in this period will however, be under the mentorship right from the beginning of the Career Prep.

The four month long Mentorship program includes in person sessions with the industry experts. The mentor-mentee relationship will be maintained right from the beginning of the fellowship. However, the fellows explore opportunities and rigorously engage themselves with the mentors as per their interest and match during this period.

The session is a blend between in person sessions (65%) and project work (35%). The in-person session is a combination of videos, class discussions, presentations, public speaking opportunities, role plays, case studies and competitive activities. The fellowship sessions are very different from the traditional lectures/classes that you might have attended in universities and are designed to make you the owner of your own learning experience.

The project work is a combination of online courses that have videos, interactive discussions reflection questions and projects. This is a critical part of the learning experience, as you cannot learn a skill without actually practicing that skill. This also gives each fellow the chance to learn outside of the sessions, whenever the time is most convenient for them, and to develop knowledge of the topic/subject so that they can build on that knowledge during the in-person session. WDAC will collaborate with each individual fellow to develop need assessment to hone their skills.