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Introduction to the Program

Career Prep Fellowship intends to bridge the gap that exists between the education system and the skills needed in the professional life. The program focuses on developing soft skills needed to keep the pace of growing professionalism. Some of them include effective communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, business etiquette, and interview skills. We use videos, multimedia presentations, guest lectures, games and other practical methods of teaching/learning to better prepare youth for employment.

This is an initiative of a nonprofit entity designed to work with low-income young females who have made it into the university system and soon enter the job market. We are currently hosting a 2-month Fellowship and 4-month mentorship program in Kathmandu, and plan to scale this up in the near future. To support this growth, our plan is to reach financial sustainability within 3 years through corporate engagements, school administration fees, placement fees for corporations who will directly interact with and hire our graduates.

What we want to achieve

To develop professional and life skills amongst the young women in Nepal, to empower underprivileged youth and increase employability skills.

Our goal is to develop 250 young women in next by the year 2021 who are hopeful for tomorrow, equipped with the skills and competencies that will enable them to secure dignity and respect and become the future leaders of their family and community

  • To develop professional skills required to compete in ever-growing job market. To help them to understand, reflect and build their own learning methods to hone their existing skills and abilities to  better suit for the job market
  • To train participants through series of orientation, workshops, mentorship to become skilled, creative and productive focusing on career development.

In Nepal, large number of female youth graduates with minimal number of women entitling decent career. No or limited professional expertise are the contributing factors of low employability figures of female. This lays a foundation to hone the professional skills of women backing with sufficient practical trainings on harnessing soft skills. The goal of this initiative is to empower young women of marginalized community for the workplace skills by assisting them to acquire professional and business skills to enter in today’s challenging job market and break the glass ceiling.

According to our research and a survey of over 50 plus companies in Nepal, over 75% of employers are not satisfied with the skill level of the job candidates applying. In total 79.5% of organization spends remarkable amount in personal development of candidates with a figure of 74.2% requirement in soft skills.

IFC stated that, “productive and decent work is the main route out of poverty.” Unfortunately, the Nepali education system is severely underdeveloped, with a hyper focus on rote memorization and the emphasis on job/soft skills. As a result over 35000 high school students drop out each year for financial reasons. The unemployment rate of youth is estimated to be 35%with huge majority of females.

This motivated us to work to achieve our goals of brining young females and youth with professional skills to penetrate the competitive job market and provide employers with competent candidates.

Some of our Modules

  • Knowing Yourself

  • Becoming a Team Player

  • Everyday Leadership

  • Resume Preparation

  • Business Modelling